Simplified Wholesaling with RJ Bates III

BCF 336: Simplified Wholesaling with RJ Bates III

RJ Bates III is the CEO of Titanium Investments, a nationwide real estate investing firm that buys, fixes, wholesales, and sells properties to help investors make money. RJ jumped into wholesaling full-time from a general contracting career and learned a ton as he figured things out and took massive action. We discuss the challenges of moving into a new market, becoming a problem solver for your sellers, creative financing, and more.

1031 Exchanges with William “Bill” Exeter

BCF 333: 1031 Exchanges with William “Bill” Exeter

1031 exchanges are a unique investment vehicle that allows investors to defer their capital gains taxes. Bill Exeter has been working in financial services since the 80s and has been a qualified 1031 intermediary for over 34 years. Bill explains how 1031 exchanges help protect your money and the steps a regular investor should take to make sure their investments are set up correctly.

Taking the Entrepreneurial Leap with Gino Wickman

BCF 332: Taking the Entrepreneurial Leap with Gino Wickman

Entrepreneurs often make critical mistakes that can make them feel like they’re living a nightmare. Gino Wickman built his own successful business empire and is obsessed with showing others how to thrive on the entrepreneurial path. Together, we go through his three-part methodology for entrepreneurial success, discuss the key traits of entrepreneurs, and talk about the most common mistakes.

BCF 311: Net Leases with Ted Dowding

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BCF 306: The Passive Income Attorney with Seth Bradley

Seth Bradley has closed billions of dollars in real estate transactions as a broker, investor, and attorney. Today, he’s a managing partner at two different firms and helps clients grow their portfolios and protect their assets. Seth knows what it takes to go from working in a corporate setting to real estate entrepreneurship. He shares what he’s learned from his experience and what’s helped him get to where he is today.