People are

our most valuable asset

Our team shares our commitment to integrity and excellence, which translates into our clients’ growing capital across market cycles.

Bulletproof Cashflow

is a real estate investment firm specializing in syndicated multifamily, Net Lease, and development properties.

Our clients are experienced, accredited investors who are looking to enter the world of real estate investment to boost cash flow and build wealth. With that said, we have become a trusted partner for our investors.

Our relationships, market knowledge, underwriting approach, and proven track record structuring and acquiring investment opportunities has helped make us a leading investor in our respective industries. We seek to identify exceptional properties and unlock opportunities that meet our stringent investment criteria. Once we locate these assets, we organize syndication with private investors and partner with them.

While our clients come from all walks of life all over the globe, they all share one common trait: they are successful professionals who seek stability, cash flow and above-average growth potential from their investments. This is exactly what we strive to deliver.

As we look to the future, we see that we are uniquely positioned to provide our investors with best-in-class investment opportunities. We will continue to offer excellent assets in great markets along with excellent upside to our stakeholders. 



Using a process-driving approach, each acquisition and asset management opportunity transitions through the following sequence:

  • Secure Your Principal Investment – Trust that you will get back what you invest.
  • Predictable & Reliable Income – Multifamily real estate investing offers solid returns with quarterly dividends.
  • Income Growth – Income over time through rent increases, lowered expenses and property improvements.
  • Equity Growth – By increasing rent, improving the property and reducing the principal, your equity can increase steadily over time.
  • Exit Opportunity – Exit potentially via 1031 Exchange, 3 to 5 year refinance with a planned 10 year hold or if/when market conditions present windfall opportunity.



Agostino is the Founder and CEO of Bulletproof Cashflow where he applies nearly two decades of real estate experience to source, negotiate, and acquire commercial properties. He is a sought-after speaker for real estate events, MeetUps and media engagements around the globe.

He is the host of the Bulletproof Cashflow Podcast, a series highlighting topics every real estate investor should know to build their success, where he also brings experts on to teach and share their real-life experiences as investors, marketers and capital raisers, all of which can be found on Apple Music, YouTube and Facebook.

Agostino is passionate about real estate and enjoys sharing his knowledge with others. He also enjoys meeting with people one-on-one to understand their real estate goals, aspirations, and challenges. If you are an investor interested in real estate and would like to chat with him, connect with him on social media or send him an email.