Whether you’re a new capital raiser or an experienced syndicator, raising capital is always top of mind when you’re putting deals together. Real estate is a very capital-intensive business and your ability to raise private money grows exponentially as you get into increasingly bigger deals. Dave Dubeau began his real estate investing career back in 2001 and at one time did 18 deals in 18 months. He’s an actual practitioner and today, he helps real estate investor entrepreneurs grow their portfolios by attracting investors and raising private money. Using his proprietary Money Partner Formula, Dave and his team work with investors to provide turnkey marketing services to help them get the equity they need to close deals.

Dave is also a best-selling author and host of the Property Profits Real Estate Podcast and the How to Raise Capital 101 Show. Here, he shares how he got into real estate, from doing pre-foreclosure deals in Costa Rica to moving back to Canada and becoming a capital raising expert. Raising capital through other people’s money takes a ton of effort and networking, and Dave shares how he learned through trial and error how to make it work. We discuss the importance of connecting with and nurturing your investor pool, the steps in Dave’s Money Partner Formula, how to start building credibility, and how to “edu-tain” potential investors. 

What’s Inside:

  • How Dave started his real estate investing career.
  • The steps to Dave’s Money Partner Formula.
  • How to “edu-tain” your potential investors.

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