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BCF 308: Today’s Real Estate

with Joe Killinger and George Pino

In this show, I sat down with Joe Killinger and George Pino of CBI Commercial. Joe and George are veterans of the real estate industry, and today operate a large portfolio of properties. They have a wealth of information between them, and it was great to hear their stories — and their thoughts on today’s real estate economy.

Joe and George talked about getting started in the industry, and highlighted some of their earliest successes. We discussed why many people have a hard time breaking into real estate — both Joe and George agreed fear is the biggest culprit. Joe does a lot of mentoring, and pinpoints fear as the biggest hurdle to getting into real estate.

We also talked about how to build a real, long-lasting real estate business. That included speculation vs investing, maximizing return, and identifying the must-have skills in today’s real estate marketplace. With the current state of the economy, Joe and George expressed some concern over the market as a whole looking. But at the end of the day, real estate is a great hedge against inflation. It was great to get their thoughts on risk and reward in the current economy.

We ended on some tips for new investors — be sure to check those out. Joe and George have some great advice for real estate investors at any level.

What’s Inside:

  • Why people have a hard time breaking into the real estate industry.
  • How to build a real and long-lasting real estate business.
  • What concerns Joe and George about the market and the current economy.

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