As a former New Yorker, I can tell you that the real estate market there has its own ecosystem. If you can figure out how to do real estate there, chances are you can figure it out anywhere on the planet. James Prendamano and his team have closed well over 1,500 deals, leased more than a million square feet of commercial space, and facilitated over a billion dollars of real estate transactions. He also shepherded the completion of a number of transformative projects that have reshaped New York City’s commercial real estate landscape. Through discipline and cultivating a lifelong learning mindset, James has the expertise that allows him to run a very large real estate empire.

Whether it’s residential, mixed-use, office space, defaulted notes, or lease options, James and his team have done it all. James is the CEO of Prendamano Real Estate (PreReal) and is the host of the PreReal podcast. Here, James shares stories from his real estate journey that began when he was just a young boy. He learned early on that real estate moves in cycles and trends and it was important for him to learn all facets of the business. James also provides his market outlook, and we discuss the potential impacts of our current down cycle. We also discuss the current state of New York real estate markets, opportunities in secondary and tertiary markets, finding tenants for malls and shopping centers, and single-tenant net leases.

What’s Inside:

  • James’ real estate journey and how he built his NY empire.
  • The current state of the NY real estate markets.
  • How to find the best tenants for retail properties.
  • How James works with single-tenant net leases.

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