One of the businesses we’ve covered on this show is acquiring net lease properties. There’s a great deal of upside with this asset class, but like anything else, you need the knowledge, which means understanding the key components of a net lease deal. That includes everything from the financial side to the physical due diligence and doing a deep analysis on the leases. Jason Ricks knows all about this and much more. He’s a successful real estate executive who has completed over 1,000 lease transactions throughout his career. Jason recently led a $500 million REIT portfolio. Today, he’s the COO of Liberty Real Estate Fund where he focuses on asset management selections and helps with strategic position of the fund as well. 

Jason shares how he got started in real estate as a broker and moved into asset management. He also explains the different types of tenant leases, including triple net, and the advantages they provide for investors. We also discuss the due diligence process on these assets and what Jason likes to look for. He also touches on what people tend to overlook. We wrap up by discussing how important it is to pay attention to the nuances of different geographical locations when acquiring net lease properties.

What’s Inside:

  • An explanation of how net leases work and the advantages for investors.
  • A walkthrough of the net lease due diligence process.
  • How different markets affect net lease properties.

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