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I sat down with Brian Adams to talk about digging up capital. That’s one of the most difficult parts of real estate investment, so it was great to hear Brian’s thoughts and experiences on raising capital. The truth is, raising capital is about finding investors that are a good fit – and keeping them happy and informed. Brian’s been doing just that for years. Today, he manages investor relations for Excelsior Capital, a capital firm that he founded. 

We started off by talking about how Brian got into real estate investing. We discussed how he picked markets, and what he looks for in investment opportunities. The market is changing fast, and evaluations are skyrocketing, and Brian talked a bit about how he is thriving in those conditions. 

Brian told us a bit about how he built his team of investors, and his strategy for operating his equity firm. Relationships and cashflow are at the heart of any good investment strategy, and Brian’s is no exception. He runs a clean, streamlined operation, though, so it was great to hear about his thoughts on making deals happen. 

Brian also gave us a little crash course in meeting with contacts. He talks about getting advice, and how those meetings can make your career really take off. This is invaluable info for anyone starting in real estate investment. Building a network is so critical, and Brian and I discussed how important that is. As Brian says: “Real estate is a contact sport.”

Brian has experience in a wide variety of real estate investments, so we went on to talk about handling different asset classes. We ended on some great bulletproof advice from Brian, that you can apply to your own real estate career. 

What’s Inside:

  • The importance of networking.
  • How to start building capital.
  • How to get meetings with people in the industry.
  • How to handle different asset classes.
  • Brian’s journey in capital management.

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