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BCF 318: Affordable Housing with Evan Holladay

Evan Holladay joined me on the podcast this week. Evan’s an experienced real estate developer who specializes in affordable, high-quality housing. We talked about his strategy, the state of affordable housing, the coaching industry, the 2008 downturn, and a whole lot more. Evan is doing things differently in the real estate market and he shared how his approach has worked for him and his company.

Evan’s strategy revolves around helping people, and it all starts with affordable housing. He specifically explains what defines ‘affordable.’ There are a lot of different definitions and ideas about the term, but Evan was able to clear up exactly what affordable housing is to his team.

Evan caters to the lower-to-middle income brackets: think firefighters, waitresses, and nurses. His group makes sure no one is paying more than ⅓ of their income to housing each month. More than housing, Evan also helps his residents with life coaching. He genuinely helps people make their lives better, from the ground up. This 360 approach to creating a better world through real estate is really impressive. This allows Evan to help a very specific group of people in a lot of ways. So, we talked a bit about his strategy and how he makes those deals happen.

There are a lot of fears about another economic downturn. Evan talked a bit about how he handled 2008, and how he feels about another coming storm. As always, we ended with some bulletproof advice from our guest.

What’s Inside:

  • The ins-and-outs of affordable housing.
  • How to make deals and develop affordable housing.
  • How to help the world through real estate.
  • The importance of finding a mentor.

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