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The goal of Bulletproof Cashflow is to help people achieve true freedom for themselves and their families through real estate. Agostino’s passion is being an entrepreneur and helping others become better entrepreneurs. With a focus on multifamily investing, he has combined his passion for real estate with his personal philosophy of goal setting and manifesting success to change the way people invest in multifamily real estate. Whether you are new to real estate or you are an experienced investor, his unique approach to business, strategies, technology, and tactics will allow you to streamline, innovate, and maximize your business’ full potential.


Advantages of Investing in Real Estate Syndications

Advantages of Investing in Real Estate Syndications

  There are so many ways to invest in real estate. You can buy and hold, or Fix and Flip. Some focus on cash flow, while others prefer appreciation. You can invest in residential or commercial real estate. Just as there are many ways to invest in real estate,...

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Is it risky to invest in Real Estate?

  Do you ever wonder why some people think investing in multifamily real estate is risky but putting money into a tech startup or a Wall Street stock isn't? While any investment with the opportunity for a return has some level of risk, the one thing that reduces...

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3 Cognitive Biases That Will Make You Lose Deals!

  Imagine this. Sixty days ago, you decided to rehab a property. But, you have already put a lot of cash into the deal - about the same as others on the market - and it’s still not done! What’s worse, you think you are still months away from completion. And yet,...

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What Makes Multifamily Recession-Resistant?

  The general consensus among most investors and economists is that there is a recession coming. The question is when. The great thing is that there are ways to prepare for it.  Industry experts say that multifamily occupancy and returns will be fine in a...

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How to Get The Best Financing on Your Real Estate Deal

  Getting the right financing for your property purchase is one of the most important things you’ll do when putting a deal together.  Getting the right amount of debt along with the best rates will impact your cash flow and your returns. Today, we go into what...

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