Entrepreneurship requires a lot of falling forward and the path can be painfully rough. Full of peaks and valleys, the journey pushes you to become better, not just with your skill set, but also with your attitude, physical health and wellness, and making sure you can handle all the tough things coming your way. Matthew Aitchison started out his real estate career by flipping houses. Eventually, he went on to become a six-figure house flipper by creating a clear path for his life and overcoming his past as a troubled youth. Since then, Matthew’s flipped hundreds of houses and built a top 1,000 real estate team in the US. 

Today, Matthew focuses solely on scaling his passive income portfolio made up of commercial strip centers, hotels, and some single-family rental properties. He’s also the co-founder of the Aitchison and Adams real estate team, host of the Millionaire Mindset Podcast, and creator of the Rich Life Academy training program. Matthew shares how and why he got into real estate and how he got to where he is today. We discuss how he unlocked true financial freedom and the evolution of his investing journey. Matthew and I also chat about mentorship and what makes a good mentor, his transition from flipping to passive income, and the importance of keeping your core values front and center.  

What’s Inside:

  • Matthew’s journey of becoming a successful real estate entrepreneur and investor.
  • The importance of mentorship and how to choose the right relationship.
  • How Matthew transitioned from flipping to a more passive income strategy.
  • Why you should make decisions based on your core values.

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