BCF 383: Building a Resilient Real Estate Portfolio in a Recession with Mark Khuri

  Mark Khuri has been an avid real estate investor for over 17 years and throughout his career he has been involved in sourcing, underwriting, acquiring, raising capital, rehabilitating, managing, and selling both residential and commercial investments throughout multiple markets in the US.  Mark has analyzed thousands of investment opportunities and has successfully bought, renovated,…

BCF 381: Navigating the Hardest Part of Syndication with Charles Carillo

Charles Carillo is the founder and managing partner of Harborside Partners. He has been actively involved in over $200 million worth of real estate transactions since 2006 and carries extensive knowledge in renovating and repositioning multifamily and commercial real estate. In addition to being an active investor, Charles passively invests in many different asset classes including…

BCF 379: No More 9 to 5: How Real Estate Can Transform Your Life with Spencer Hilligoss

Spencer Hilligoss is CEO and Co-Founder of Madison Investing. He is an active syndicator, investor, and speaker. He currently leads business development and investor relations for Madison Investing. He is a former technology executive with a 13-year track record building high-performing teams across five companies (three of them, software “unicorns”- valued at over valued at…

BCF 378: Disrupting Real Estate Financing in Tough Economic Times with Tim Milazzo of StackSource

Tim is the co-founder & CEO of StackSource. He identified the market opportunity for a tech-enabled commercial real estate financing platform, recruited an experienced team of technologists and real estate finance professionals, and built the company. Prior to StackSource, Tim worked for tech giants Facebook and Google where he helped expand online advertising. He comes…

Cash Flow through Turnkey Real Estate with Eric Martel

BCF 368: Cash Flow through Turnkey Real Estate with Eric Martel

Eric Martel first turned to real estate investing as a means of earning passive income and achieving financial freedom. He then founded Martel Turnkey, which created rapid success and allowed him to retire from his day job in just four short years. Eric and I discuss preparing for retirement and developing a passive income portfolio. We also talk about the “new American dream” in terms of real estate, the benefits of renting, Eric’s real estate journey, and how rental investing differs from traditional stock market investing.

Finding Financial Freedom During a Recession with Robert Gill

BCF 366: Finding Financial Freedom During a Recession with Robert Gill

Many people go through life financially uneducated, not knowing how to make their money work for them. Robert Gill learned early on that investing always starts with your mindset and if we learn how to have money flowing to us consistently, we can learn how to create wealth for a lifetime. Here, we talk about what young people should do to protect against economic turmoil, how money confidence can derail you from financial freedom, and how to put the right systems in place to stay in control of your money.

Building Bulletproof Cash Flow with Self-Storage with Scott Meyer

BCF 365: Building Bulletproof Cash Flow with Self-Storage with Scott Meyers

Scott Meyer knows all about building bulletproof cash flow with self-storage. Here, Scott and I talk about his journey from single family to self-storage and how he teaches others about his strategy. We also cover the benefits of self-storage, like easier rent management and current demand, the relationship between multifamily and self-storage, and Scott’s approach to finding new markets.

BCF 360: The Real Estate Millionaire Mindset with Robert Allen

Robert Allen is the author or co-author of some of the most influential financial books of all time and has been active in the real estate industry for the last 40 years. We discuss Robert’s journey and how his life changed when he decided he wanted to become a millionaire. We also talk about the benefits of net lease, how to find good real estate deals and business opportunities, and how to find opportunities in a recession.

Real Estate Education and Mentorship with Ron LeGrand

BCF 358: Real Estate Education and Mentorship with Ron LeGrand

Ron LeGrand is a nationally recognized real estate expert and trainer with over 40 years of experience in both residential and commercial properties. Ron has personally bought and sold over 3,500 houses and has done well over $300M in commercial property deals. Here, we talk about the importance of real estate mentorship and education, market downturns, creative financing, and more.

Leveraging Digital Marketing to Attract Investors with Neil Patel

BCF 357: Leveraging Digital Marketing to Attract Investors with Neil Patel

Neil Patel is best-selling author and successful digital marketing entrepreneur. Neil is the co-founder of several analytics companies, frequently contributes to top media publications, and helps top companies like Amazon and Viacom grow their business. We talk about how to attract attention from investors when you’re just getting started, how to leverage digital marketing and content creation to grow your brand, and the power of timing, authenticity, and consistency when delivering your message.