Once you’ve spent enough time with real estate investors, you’ll begin to pick up on certain common goals. One of these goals is building strong cash flow. At the young age of 18, Eric Martel took the bold step of purchasing his first apartment building while still attending university. His journey led him through a successful career as an actuary and later as a tech entrepreneur until he experienced a significant setback during the dot com crash of 2001. Eric then turned to real estate investing as a means of earning passive income and achieving financial freedom.

Eric founded Martel Turnkey, which created rapid success and allowed him to retire from his day job in just four short years. Today, he’s passionate about sharing his experiences and knowledge with others so they can achieve their own financial goals and avoid the mistakes he has made while investing in turnkey real estate. Eric and I discuss preparing for retirement and developing a passive income portfolio. We also talk about the “new American dream” in terms of real estate, the benefits of renting, Eric’s real estate journey, and how rental investing differs from traditional stock market investing.


What’s Inside:

  • Why your retirement strategy should include passive income.
  • The old vs new American dream.
  • The difference between investing in rentals vs in the stock market.

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