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Christine is a driven and enthusiastic real estate investor with passion in her eyes, has made impressive strides in her journey towards financial freedom. After realizing the potential of real estate investing, she didn’t waste any time. In just 24 months, Christine left her W2 job as an R&D food scientist and transitioned into multifamily syndication full-time. She now manages over 1000 units as an active general partner in the Southeast and dabbles as a limited partner in various deals. Christine’s story inspires others to transform their investment strategies and evolve their mindset to create lasting wealth.

Join our conversation with Christine as she shares some proven strategies and techniques you can implement to improve your capital raising and investor relations skills, and ultimately achieve the success you desire.

Christine shares…

·         Discover the secrets to successfully raising capital for real estate investments.

·         Learn the importance of educating potential investors on lucrative opportunities.

·         Find out how to effectively communicate with investors through webinars and updates.

·         Understand the vital role of managing investor relations and maintaining ongoing communication.

·         Uncover ways to foster relationships and network with like-minded investors and operators.

·         And so much more!

Find Christine on:

Website: https://noblivest.com/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/christinewhsu


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