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Tom Dunkel is the managing director of Belrose Storage Group. He has a background in corporate finance and over 25 years of real estate and investment experience. He has also specialized in discounted asset opportunities nationwide since 2006. His financial savvy, open communicative manner and integrity have seen him help alternative investors achieve their wealth-building goals. 

Join our conversation with Tom as he shares his insights and knowledge on how to crack the code of self-storage success. Discover the secrets to maximizing your returns, minimizing your effort, and tapping into the potential of self-storage investments.

Tom shares…

·         Advantages and perks of self-storage amidst the ongoing pandemic.

·         The freshest trends taking over the commercial storage marketplace.

·         The latest market shifts in the RV and boat storage landscape.

·         How technology is reshaping cost management and customer service in the self-storage industry.

·         The unspoken power of surrounding yourself with the right industry veterans and proficient professionals.

·         And so much more!


Find Tom on:


Website: https://www.belroseam.com/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tomdunkel/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/tomdunkel?lang=en

Email: tom@belroseam.com


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