On this show, we often explore ways to find bulletproof cash flow. Multifamily isn’t the only way to generate money from real estate and Scott Meyers knows all about this. Just like me, Scott believes that real estate is the best possible investment, and self-storage is his preferred asset class. He began investing in single-family homes quite some time ago and then moved into multifamily investing, but he still didn’t see the economies of scale he was hoping for. This eventually led Scott into self-storage where he found the management process to be way easier while still getting all the benefits real estate has to offer.

Today, Scott owns and operates over 22 facilities in nine different states. Additionally, he leads a community of owners, developers, and investors who partner on these types of projects. Here, Scott and I talk about his journey from single-family to self-storage and how he helps others learn about his strategy. We also cover the benefits of self-storage, like easier rent management and current demand, the relationship between multifamily and self-storage, and Scott’s approach to finding new markets. Scott’s also hosting an event in early March – head to his website below for more details.


What’s Inside:

  • Scott’s journey from single-family investing to self-storage.
  • How self-storage parallels the multifamily market.
  • How Scott identifies new deals and opportunities.

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