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August Biniaz is a seasoned veteran in the commercial real estate sphere, boasting more than 15 years of fruitful industry experience. He has played a crucial role in developing a personal brand and creating thought leadership content in private equity. Establishing CPI Capital from the ground up, August works diligently with U.S. operating partners, controlling an impressive array of assets and projects to fuel success. His combined expertise and innovative tactics have resulted in the closure of multi-family assets exceeding $200 million.

Join our conversation with August as he shares the secrets to building your very own private equity firm from scratch, empowering you to achieve the outcome you’ve always envisioned – creating a thriving and esteemed enterprise with a robust investor network.

August shares…

·         Essential techniques for building fruitful investor relationships in the realm of real estate.

·         Srategies for effectively scaling and developing a profitable real estate venture.

·         Unique investing mentalities between Canadian and US investors.

·         Complexities and obstacles associated with carrying out business operations in Canada and the US.

·         The significance of constructing a robust brand image and nurturing investor relations in the real estate sector.

·         And so much more!


Find August on:


Website: https://www.cpicapital.ca/

LinkedIn: https://ca.linkedin.com/in/august-biniaz-23291460

Twitter: https://twitter.com/SoheilBiniaz



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