Given where we are in today’s economic cycle, I’m sure there are people listening who really want to know about distressed debt, where the market will be in the next 12-24 months, and how to get in on that debt. Jack Krupey started out as a real estate agent years ago and was into fix and flips, wholesaling, and even property management. During the 2008 housing crisis, he joined Wall Street and started buying non-performing mortgages. From there, Jack focused on distressed debt and has spent a decade in the residential non-performing mortgage market.

Years ago, Jack merged the firm he started with another firm that did $3 billion in loan purchases. He ended up taking all his knowledge and rolling it into his new venture, JKAM Investments. The firm is a select group of highly-experienced real estate partnerships that specialize in multifamily, self-storage, mobile home parks, as well as private lending. Jack shares his story of how he fell into real estate and wound up living and working on Wall Street. We also talk about the types of deals Jack’s currently investing in, opportunities in workforce housing, and which markets he’s focused on.


What’s Inside:

  • How Jack went from a background in tech to a successful real estate entrepreneur.
  • Details on the types of deals Jack’s currently investing in.
  • The opportunities in the workforce housing class.
  • Markets Jack is focusing on.

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