Most people dream of earning money minus the work. One way to do that is through passive investing. Sam Wilson learned early on that investing always starts with your mindset and you have to learn how to invest the proper way by creating flows of cash. As a long-time entrepreneur, he’s led a variety of real estate-related ventures throughout his career. He’s been involved with ground-up construction, self-storage, parking, retail, multifamily apartments, RV parks, and single-family homes. Additionally, he hosts the How To Scale Commercial Real Estate Podcast, which is a daily show, and he’s the founder of the Bricken Investment Group.

Sam has participated in over $45 million in acquisitions. Sam likes to focus on the ground-up side of construction rather than renovations, but one thing he’s also loving these days is the laundromat business. Sam talks about the three reasons why he loves investing in the laundromat business and why he’s focused on retail laundry facilities. Traditional laundromats are usually unattended and pretty underwhelming, but the newer versions Sam is into provide a different experience. We also discuss the maintenance involved in laundromats, Sam’s marketing strategy, and how he targets the right areas. 


What’s Inside:

  • How Sam got into real estate.
  • The three reasons why Sam likes laundromat investing.
  • How Sam targets ideal laundromat locations.

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