When you work at a 9-to-5 job, your worth and value are determined by your employer. Your ability to keep food on the table can be taken away at any given moment and you’re not in control of your income. What if you can determine your own worth or even create passive income of your own? After getting laid off from his job, Dustin Heiner decided to pursue investing. By 2016, he built a portfolio of 30 properties, becoming what he calls “successfully unemployed.”

Today, Dustin is the founder of Master Passive Income, the Real Estate Wealth Builders Conference, and the Successfully Unemployed Podcast. While he loves passive income, Dustin made some mistakes along the way. It’s important to build your business first, challenge yourself to look for markets with good inventory and select a team before going big on your property acquisition strategy. Here, Dustin tells his story and shares insights on how to control your life and income. We also discuss how entrepreneurs source data, how Dustin learned from his mistakes, and how to choose the right property manager. 


What’s Inside:

  • How Dustin Heiner became “successfully unemployed” through real estate.
  • Mistakes Dustin made along his real estate journey and what he learned.
  • How to choose the right property manager.

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