Starting out on the entrepreneurial journey is never easy. If it was, everyone would be doing it, however, nothing is impossible. You just need determination, knowledge, and a desire to succeed. Sofia Castro went from dropping out of high school and being completely broke to owning over $400M worth of a cashflow-positive real estate. Being an entrepreneur since the age of 24, Sofia has always had a passion for new opportunities. In the mid-’90s, she and her husband opened a leasing brokerage firm and built it from the ground up. Over the next 18 years, they eventually sold their interest for a billion-dollar valuation.

In 2003, Sofia’s family office, Ortsac Capital Group, entered into the multifamily investing space where they amassed a portfolio worth over $700M. Today, Sofia runs Reign Finance Group, a commercial real estate brokerage that helps with the sourcing and placing of capital for business owners across the nation. She also does real estate development. Sofia and I talk about her real estate journey and how she got into multifamily. We discuss the importance of mindset, as before you can be successful in business, having a positive attitude and resilience to failure is key. We also talk about mentorship, how Sofia transitioned strategies in her business, and details on her upcoming projects.

What’s Inside:

  • The importance of having a positive mindset and perseverance.
  • How Sofia and her husband transitioned their strategy into real estate.
  • Details on Sofia’s upcoming projects.

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