Just like in any other business, making it in real estate often requires the help of a mentor. Ron LeGrand is one of those mentors. He’s a nationally recognized real estate expert and trainer with over 40 years of experience in both residential and commercial properties. Ron has personally bought and sold over 3,500 houses and has done well over $300M in commercial property deals. He has taught thousands of students how to purchase real estate without using any of their own money or credit. Ron is also the host of the Mentor Podcast where he continues to share his own knowledge and advice as well as advice from well-known investors, real estate gurus, and business rockstars. 

Ron started his real estate career back in 1982 and has lived through six different cycles, with 2008 being the worst of them. Here, we get into how today’s market conditions compare to 2008 and other past cycles, as many of today’s newer investors haven’t lived through this type of environment. We also talk about what kinds of deals Ron targets and how you can take advantage of this next slow down. Ron loves doing creative finance deals and he walks through how investors can get in the game if they don’t have the funds or credit. We also discuss lead generation, doing business virtually, and the importance of real estate education. 

What’s Inside:

  • How today’s real estate market compares to 2008.
  • How to acquire real estate without using your own money.
  • The importance of real estate education.

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