Cash Flow through Turnkey Real Estate with Eric Martel

BCF 368: Cash Flow through Turnkey Real Estate with Eric Martel

Eric Martel first turned to real estate investing as a means of earning passive income and achieving financial freedom. He then founded Martel Turnkey, which created rapid success and allowed him to retire from his day job in just four short years. Eric and I discuss preparing for retirement and developing a passive income portfolio. We also talk about the “new American dream” in terms of real estate, the benefits of renting, Eric’s real estate journey, and how rental investing differs from traditional stock market investing.

Building Bulletproof Cash Flow with Self-Storage with Scott Meyer

BCF 365: Building Bulletproof Cash Flow with Self-Storage with Scott Meyers

Scott Meyer knows all about building bulletproof cash flow with self-storage. Here, Scott and I talk about his journey from single family to self-storage and how he teaches others about his strategy. We also cover the benefits of self-storage, like easier rent management and current demand, the relationship between multifamily and self-storage, and Scott’s approach to finding new markets.

BCF 356: Winning with Net Leases with Andrew Ziffer

Like multifamily, net lease is a passive real estate investment that can provide great cash flow. Andrew Ziffer is a pro at knowing how to buy, acquire, and manage these assets, and here, he shares his experience and insights. Andrew and I discuss his journey from IT to real estate, the different types of net leases, how to mitigate risk, how the current market is impacting Andrew’s business, and more.

Syndication, Real Estate Funds, and Thought Leadership with Seth Ferguson

BCF 352: Syndication, Real Estate Funds, and Thought Leadership with Seth Ferguson

Seth Ferguson is a thought leader, author, and the CEO of Multifamily Real Estate Investments Inc. Here, we discuss how Seth broke into multifamily and was able to scale his business. We also talk about the differences in real estate investments in the US and Canada, the ins and outs of syndication and real estate funds, and how Seth was able to position himself as a subject matter expert.

BCF 306: The Passive Income Attorney with Seth Bradley

Seth Bradley has closed billions of dollars in real estate transactions as a broker, investor, and attorney. Today, he’s a managing partner at two different firms and helps clients grow their portfolios and protect their assets. Seth knows what it takes to go from working in a corporate setting to real estate entrepreneurship. He shares what he’s learned from his experience and what’s helped him get to where he is today.

BCF 303: Consistency, Commitment, and Courage with Dave Seymour

Dave Seymour, founder of Freedom Venture, is a former firefighter from Boston that is now seeing massive success within the multifamily space. He also advises and coaches real estate entrepreneurs on how to cultivate the right mindset to live the life of their dreams. Not everyone has what it takes to become an entrepreneur, but the ones that do know that it doesn’t come without hard work and personal accountability.

BCF 300: Values Over Opportunities with Gino Barbaro

Multifamily guru Gino Barbaro currently has over 1400 units under management. Starting out from humble beginnings, he went on to create an empire that also includes becoming an author and the co-founder of a real estate education company. Gino attributes his success to always putting his values over opportunities, which allows him to make smart, lucrative decisions that align with who he is.