BCF 303: Consistency, Commitment, and Courage with Dave Seymour

Dave Seymour, founder of Freedom Venture, is a former firefighter from Boston that is now seeing massive success within the multifamily space. He also advises and coaches real estate entrepreneurs on how to cultivate the right mindset to live the life of their dreams. Not everyone has what it takes to become an entrepreneur, but the ones that do know that it doesn’t come without hard work and personal accountability.

Podcast Template | S04 E00

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BCF 300: Values Over Opportunities with Gino Barbaro

Multifamily guru Gino Barbaro currently has over 1400 units under management. Starting out from humble beginnings, he went on to create an empire that also includes becoming an author and the co-founder of a real estate education company. Gino attributes his success to always putting his values over opportunities, which allows him to make smart, lucrative decisions that align with who he is.

BCF 299: Running Your Assets on Autopilot with Mike Butler

Mike Butler built his real estate empire while holding a full-time job as a police officer, with just 5 hours a week to dedicate to his efforts. Today, he holds live bootcamps to help people invest in real estate without any experience and without banks or lenders. Having solid systems in place allows your assets to run smoothly so you can create and enjoy the life of your dreams.