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BCF 298: Succeeding in Integrity with Darren Jacklin

Darren Jacklin is a world-class professional speaker, corporate trainer, and philanthropy investor. He is also a board member of EXP holdings and helped the company go public. He’s the author of “Until I Become” and has been featured by many prestigious media outlets, including the Wall Street Journal. Growing up, Darren was misdiagnosed with a learning disability and spent his entire education through twelfth grade within the special education sector of his public school. An entrepreneur from an early age, Darren started his first business at the age of seven, doing odd jobs for people in his neighborhood. As an adult, he went through a trying time where he experienced multiple suicide attempts, leading to him seeking help within a non-profit center. He then was introduced to the Dale Carnegie training program and Toastmasters International, both of which were pivotal in helping him transform his life into what it is today.

Darren dedicates his time to those tasks that have the greatest return on energy (ROE) and delegates the rest. Many of your goals don’t require your specific actions and building a team that can do those things for you makes all the difference in your success. Making personal promises to yourself can be so much more meaningful than simply setting goals, because a promise has a deeper resonance. Integrity is everything in life and showing up and being reliable shows the world what you’re about. Darren has also learned through experience that an “educate and inform” approach is far better in relationship building than the old-fashioned way of “pitching and selling.” Everything we want in life comes from strangers and human beings are really just a series of conversations. When we make requests of people from a position of value, we form real connections that are rooted in authenticity and integrity.

What’s Inside:

  • Darren’s transformational story about his journey through entrepreneurship.
  • Why the “pitch and sell” approach is outdated when it comes to forming business relationships
  • How documenting your personal promises can be more effective than setting goals.

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