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BCF 299: Running Your Assets on Autopilot

with Mike Butler

Buying an asset is easy, running it profitably is tough. Mike Butler knows more about this than most. He started his real estate journey back in the 80s, setting out to generate passive income for himself and his family. Today, Mike spends most of his time helping others put together their own strategies to run their assets through live bootcamps. Mike has been featured in publications like Money magazine and is the author of the book “Landlording on Autopilot”.

Mike grew up in Kentucky near Churchill Downs and worked a paper route through high school. He then became a police officer in his hometown but quickly realized that he didn’t want to trade dollars for hours. Mike bought his first property without any experience, but subsequently made connections and realized real estate was the way to get out of the dollars for hours trap. He also figured out how to buy property without banks and lenders. His original plan was to own enough rental properties to supplement his police pension but wound up creating a lucrative real estate empire.

Mike’s advice on how to create systems to run your assets as smoothly as possible has helped countless investors realize their dreams. We cover all the details as well as the three biggest mistakes Mike’s seen investors make over the years and how you can prevent them.

What’s Inside:

  • How Mike created a real estate empire in 5 hours a week while working full-time.
  • Why systems are important for your real estate investing business.
  • The three biggest mistakes investors make and how to avoid them.

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