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Multifamily investing will put you on the fastest road to financial freedom. Chosen by many successful investors, multifamily real estate scales and syndication allows starting in the game with a relatively small amount of capital. If your goal is to reach financial and time freedom multifamily real estate investing deserves serious consideration.

While no investment is without risk, the real estate we target – value-add multifamily – provides an attractive risk-reward potential with little volatility and significant downside protection than investing in Wall Street. Historically, multifamily has generated annual returns in the mid to high teens versus mid to high single digits for stock. It’s even less for investment-grade bonds, such as a municipal bond. When it comes to stocks and bonds, you have no insight into the business. You don’t KNOW that the business will even be around in 5 years.

When investing for permanent wealth you want to be in an industry that will be here today, tomorrow, and 50 years from now. Multifamily real estate is that industry. Shelter is a basic need and is 100% evergreen. While the stock market may fluctuate, housing will always be in demand. This is before the excellent tax benefits that will further protect your cash assets from taxation.

Finally, we focus on multifamily real estate for its stability. A recent 20-year study of investment performance determined that commercial real estate in general, and multifamily properties in particular, deliver the best total return-on-investment compared with equities. The steady rise in households and job growth is driving a need for rental housing in many markets across the United States. Rents, occupancy, and NOI are up and continue to increase. This presents investors with an opportunity to secure solid, stable returns for true legacy returns.

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