Kicking off in mid-2022, Summerlin Commons is a contemporary development project, near the heart of the Cleveland Clinic Headquarters. With a mix of 38 apartment units and 39 townhomes, it is the perfect addition to an area where the people supporting this large hospital system can enjoy a premium quality of life. It has been designed to provide the most desired conveniences for up and coming families as well as hospital staff looking for a less dense, more relaxed suburban setting. Every aspect of the project has been architected to maximize income and profits while providing a high-quality living experience for the residents. We expect delivery between October and December of 2023.

Our track record on similar projects with the same development and management team, along with the unusually high demand for housing in the area has us very excited about the potential for a resounding success. With stunning local population and job growth, we expect to see very strong demand for our units, resulting in healthy projected returns for our investors.