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Episode List

BCF 313: Building Wealth with Steve Trang

There are a lot of things that go into building wealth. Steve Trang is a real estate investor and coach with years of experience, so we sat down to talk about achieving success and financial freedom. We discussed mentors, sales strategies, work ethic, and a whole lot more. This one’s a must-hear for entrepreneurs of all levels.

BCF 310: Industrial Real Estate with Dan Kennedy

Dan Kennedy has spent over a decade investing in real estate. Today, he focuses on commercial assets. He provides plenty of great info on how to handle commercial assets in a wide variety of markets across the country. Dan also tells us how he’s handling the post-COVID market. We end by discussing the critical importance of cashflow.

BCF 309: Net Leases with Joel Owens

Joel Owens and I covered a whole lot of ground on net lease assets. After going through the different types of net lease assets, we cover everything from flaky buyers and closing times, to business-friendly states and more. This one’s a must-hear for anyone considering moving into the net lease asset space.

BCF 308: Today’s Real Estate with Joe Killinger and George Pino

I sat down with Joe Killinger and George Pino, a couple of veterans in the real estate industry. Joe and George came from humble beginnings, and not manage a massive portfolio of properties. We talked how they got into the industry, and what new investors need to know about today’s real estate marketplace.

BCF 307: Using Retirement Funds for Real Estate with Dan Kryzanowski

It’s a little-known fact that you can use your retirement dollars to invest in real estate. Dan Kryzanowski educates his clients on this process and works within the family office and self-storage spaces. Raising capital when you’re first starting out can be a challenge, but there are many creative, out-of-the box ways to make it happen.

BCF 306: The Passive Income Attorney with Seth Bradley

Seth Bradley has closed billions of dollars in real estate transactions as a broker, investor, and attorney. Today, he’s a managing partner at two different firms and helps clients grow their portfolios and protect their assets. Seth knows what it takes to go from working in a corporate setting to real estate entrepreneurship. He shares what he’s learned from his experience and what’s helped him get to where he is today.

BCF 305: Building Wealth, One House at a Time with John Schaub

John Schaub is an investor, coach, and best-selling author who built his wealth through single-family real estate. There are many advantages to doing single-family instead of multifamily that go beyond accessibility. Even in today’s competitive housing market, there are creative ways to set yourself apart and become wildly successful.