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How to Take Advantage of Crowdfunding, w/ Kam Zainabadi | Bulletproof Cashflow S02 E83

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Kam Zainabadi is the founder of Park Place Investment. After Kam finished his residency and started working as a medical doctor, he also started buying distressed single-family properties and renting them out. As the market recovered, he converted many of the single-family holdings into multi-family. At the same time, he was introduced to real estate syndications and ran with it. A short time afterward, he created Park Place Investments with the mission to help investors to get into the real estate crowdfunding game.


In this episode, Kam shares how to take advantage of crowdfunding and how it can be a powerful tool for any operator.  

How to Build a Company that Thrives, w/ Julian Roberts | Bulletproof Cashflow S02 E82

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Julian Roberts is the founder of Julian Roberts Consulting. He and his team coach emerging and senior leaders along with developing leadership programs for organizations. He has worked in a number of blue chip companies, giving him a wide exposure of experience to the corporate and entrepreneurial world.


In this episode, Julian explains how to build a company that thrives and how you can continue growing your business profitably, leverage the information you have, and hire the right people to the team. 

How to Make the Shift to Entrepreneur, w/ Jesse Todisco | Bulletproof Cashflow S02 E81

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Jesse Todisco is the founder of “46 & 2 Wealth Partners”, which is a fee only registered investment advisory firm. Because of his struggles, the business is rooted in helping people explore the wisdom of true wealth. He gets his message out as the host of “The Jesse Tee Show”. It’s a mindset focused podcast that teaches anyone hunting greatness in business, health and wellness and in relationships the secrets to success.


In this episode, Jesse shares how to make the shift to become an entrepreneur. 

How to Blow Up Your Content, w/ Corey Dissin | Bulletproof Cashflow S02 E80

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Corey Dissin is the “Undisputed Heavyweight Champion of Content” and long-time broadcast production executive, is a voice talent authority and social media influencer who has impacted over 100,000 unique voiceover projects over the last 27 years. As the host of The Go Get It Podcast, he shares his brand of common-sense, tough-love and career help with his other on-line shows: Go Get It Live on Facebook, The One More Round Podcast, and RINGSIDE on LinkedIn Live.


In this episode, Corey explains how to blow up your content to build your brand online and attract the attention of potential investors

Use Media to Generate More Investors & Recognition , w/ Marc Raco | Bulletproof Cashflow S02 E79

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Marc Raco is filmmaker-turned-TV/film-actor that pivoted to podcasting. He has personally hosted/produced  over 1,000 podcast interviews on three continents, and also hosts the podcasts “Funny People Talking’ and “Fashion Is Your Business”. Marc is the Co-Founder of Mouth Media Network, a leader in B-to-B podcasts and audio solutions for internal communication, consumer experience, and target engagement.  


In this episode, Marc shares how to use media to generate more investors and recognition. 

Cell Towers to Maximize Cash Flow from Real Estate, w/ Hugh Odom | Bulletproof Cashflow S02 E78

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Hugh Odom is the Founder and President of Vertical Consultants, he and his team help property owners leverage the best deals for property owners considering a cell tower on their building or storage facility. Hugh has over twenty years of experience as an attorney, working for telecom companies like AT & T. Over this time, he learned about the economics behind cell phone towers and has applied this knowledge to help people negotiate the best terms with telecom providers. This led him to provide consulting advice to companies like WalMart, McDonalds and Disney, as well as governmental institutions like the United States Postal Service and the City of Atlanta. 


In this episode, Hugh will share how to leverage cell Towers to Maximize Cash Flow from Real Estate. 

How to Create a Sales Process to Raise Capital , w/ Aaron Ross | Bulletproof Cashflow S02 E77

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Aaron Ross is the co-author of “From Impossible To Inevitable” and “Predictable Revenue”, a book that discusses sales systems that helped companies like Salesforce.com and Twilio create billions in revenue. As a highly ranked international speaker, he is known for combining ‘big picture’ breakthroughs and inspirational ideas with giving audiences tactical take-aways. His speaking topics include scalable sales teams, creating predictable revenue, growth and innovation. 


In this episode, Aaron shares why you need to be great at building  your own processes for reaching out to potential investors and how to create a sales process to raise capital.

Grow Your Real Estate Business with Social Media, w/ Martynas Fedotovas | Bulletproof Cashflow S02 E76

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Martynas Fedotovas is the founder of Equity Nest, a social media marketing company where he and his team help entrepreneurs and companies position themselves as leaders in their space by creating, providing and managing quality content across multiple platforms. Additionally, he is the host of the “Beating Alpha” where he interviews real estate investors, hedge fund managers, business coaches, and portfolio managers from all over the world.


In this episode, Martynas will be explaining How to Grow Your Real Estate Business with Social Media and how to get the attention of your audience.

Transform Your Limitations Into Greatness, w/ Nick Egan | Bulletproof Cashflow S02 E75

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Nick Egan is an award-winning educator who currently serves as head of an international baccalaureate world school in Northern California. He’s also a sought after speaker who uses his understanding of positive psychology in Buddhist philosophy to encourage organizational and personal growth. He is also the author of the best selling book “Shift: The Art of Transforming Limitations” where he helps people reduce addiction to the urgency to increase productivity and achieve a flow state that will transform your life.


In this episode, Nick shares how to transform your limitations into greatness. 

How to Unlock Your Home Equity With Zero Debt, w/ Mathew Sullivan | Bulletproof Cashflow S02 E74

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Matthew Sullivan is the CEO of QuantumRE, a home equity investment platform that unlocks homeowner’s equity without requiring them to take on more debt. By taking a piece of the equity, they partner with you in your home. As your home increases in value over time, they will earn with you. And if the home decreases in value, then they’ll take a loss as well.


In this episode, Matthew explains how the QuantumRE home equity investment platform works – and how it can help homeowners to tap into the equity that is trapped in their home!