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Episode List

BCF 323: Mobile Home Assets and Intentionality with Christopher Nelson

If your goal is financial freedom, this one’s a must-listen. Christopher Nelson sat down with me to discuss intentionality. We talked about his journey and what lessons you can learn from his experience. Christopher is also an investor in mobile home parks, so we went through his strategy and why that asset class is so lucrative.

BCF 322: Raising Capital and Finding Success with David Meltzer

Raising capital is one of the hardest things to do as a new real estate investor. I brought best-selling author David Meltzer to the podcast so we could discuss how new investors can dig up capital. We discussed the most important qualities you need to find success, David’s personal journey, and the importance of an open mind.

BCF 321: Self-Storage Assets with AJ Osborne

AJ Osborne is here to talk about self-storage assets. He’s an expert in the class, with over $100 million in self storage assets currently under his company’s management. We talked about the pros and cons of self storage assets, what drives the market, how beginners can break in, and more. If you’re curious about self-storage assets, this is a must-listen.

BCF 320: Finding Capital with Brian Adams

I sat down with Brian Adams to discuss building and finding capital for your real estate investments. You won’t get far in real estate without building capital, so this is an important conversation for all real estate newcomers. We discussed booking meetings, making contacts, and turning those contacts into investors.

BCF 319: Real Estate from the Ground Up with Zach Haptonstall

I sat down with Zach Haptonstall, CEO and Co-Founder of Rise48 Equity, to talk about his real estate journey. We talked about how he grew his management portfolio to over $700M, with virtually no prior real estate experience. Zach and I also discussed the importance of building a team, hard work, cold calling, and more.

BCF 318: Affordable Housing with Evan Holladay

This week on the pod, I sat down with developer Evan Holladay to talk about affordable housing and improving the world through real estate. He has a lot of experience (and knowledge) in these subjects. We talked about defining affordable housing, how to invest in it, and how Evan sees the sector as a whole.

BCF 317: Overcoming the Impossible with Jeffrey Holst

Jeffrey Holst is a successful real estate investor and cancer survivor. We talked about how his battle with cancer led him into the world of real estate, passive income, and entrepreneurship. Jeffrey talked about his thoughts on today’s markets, a possible recession, moving to Puerto Rico, and a whole lot more.

BCF 316: No-Cash-Down Strategy in Real Estate with Mitch Stephen

Mitch Stephens and I sat down to talk about getting started in real estate. Mitch is a creative entrepreneur with 25 years of experience in real estate investment. He’s an expert at getting into deals with little or no cash down. If you’re interested in taking your first steps into real estate, there’s plenty of great info here.

BCF 315: Building Skyscrapers with Ken Van Liew

Ken Van Liew joined us on the podcast today to talk about building a career in real estate. We discussed networking, making deals happen, and how to take your first steps into real estate investing. Ken and I also got into strategy, current market conditions, and what advice he has for new investors.

BCF 314: Jumping into Real Estate with Kyle Mitchell

Real estate investor Kyle Mitchell and I sat down to talk about getting started in the business. Transitioning from a 9-5 takes time, effort, and determination, and Kyle had plenty of insight to share on just that. We also talked about networking – and what it takes to build a successful pipeline of investors.