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Using YouTube to Grow Your Real Estate Leads, w/ Karin Carr | Bulletproof Cashflow S02 E57

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Karin Carr is the founder of Youtube for Agents, the real estate industry’s premier training program that focuses specifically on using YouTube as a lead gen strategy. She was voted one of BombBomb’s Real Estate Video Influencers for 2018 and has been a frequent guest speaker at events such as Inman Connect as well as numerous webcasts where she shares her love of all things YouTube. Through her coaching programs, she helps real estate brokers explore ways to reach their ideal clients and gain more market share without dumping money on buying leads or running expensive ads. She is also the best selling author of “YouTube for Real Estate Agents” where she helps people get real estate leads and never cold call again.


In this episode, Karin will be explaining how to use Youtube to grow your real estate leads.

How to Underwrite Your Big Deals, w/ Hamza Ali | Bulletproof Cashflow S02 E56

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Hamza Ali is a real estate entrepreneur with over 10 years of experience in the real estate game. As the founder of Gray Spear Capital, his company currently has a portfolio of about 1,000 units. He and his team use innovative strategies to maximize his community management strategy as well as his investor returns. They focus on repositioning assets to their full potential. 


In this episode, Hamza will be explaining how to underwrite your big deals.

How to Diversify into Self Storage, w/ Scott Krone | Bulletproof Cashflow S02 E55

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Scott Krone is an experienced real estate entrepreneur and the founder of CODA Management. He first focused on single-family, multi-family, mixed-use apartments, and in 2013, he and his team focus on the management and development of self-storage facilities. Their current portfolio consists of over 47 syndications and over 2,750 storage units under management. 


In this episode, Scott will be explaining how to take your multifamily real estate business to the next level and diversify into self-storage facilities. 

How to Build a Successful Investment Company, w/ Kevin Clayson | Bulletproof Cashflow S02 E54

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Kevin Clayson is a long time real estate entrepreneur and a Forbes contributing writer as well as a member of Forbes Real Estate Council. He is the Co-Founder of Done For You Real Estate, a multi-million dollar real estate investment company where he and his team have redefined retirement for thousands of families through simple, profitable, and conservative real estate investments. With nearly 4,000 homes transacted, his group sets itself apart with its one-of-a-kind track record and customer service. Kevin and his business partner have been awarded the prestigious BUILD Award as “The Best Single Family Home Investments Advisory Firm in the USA.” He is also the author of “FLIP the Gratitude Switch”


In this episode, Kevin will be explaining how to build and maintain a successful investment company. 

How to Stand Out in a 3-Second World, with Brendan Kane | Bulletproof Cashflow Podcast S02 E53

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Brendan Kane is an Innovation Analyst for Fortune 500, brands, and celebrities helping them to unlock value and transform their businesses. He also served as vice president of digital for Paramount Pictures and helped scale one of the largest social optimization firms in the world that worked with brands such as Disney, Fox, NBC, Netflix, LinkedIn, and many Fortune 100 companies. Brendan started his career at Lakeshore Entertainment, where he oversaw all aspects of their interactive media strategy. He worked on sixteen films that generated a worldwide gross of $685 million and pioneered the first-ever influencer campaign to effectively promote Lakeshore’s movies. He went on to build social media applications and digital platforms for celebrity clients such as Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Michael Strahan, supermodel, and Adriana Lima. Brendan is the author of “Hook Point: How to Stand Out in a 3-Second World”.


Building Steady Cashflow with Triple Net Lease, with Ken Brown | Bulletproof Cashflow Podcast S02 E52

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Ken Brown is the CEO of Triple Net Companies and a real estate broker for the past 25 years. He and his team have transacted over $1B in commercial real estate. Ken holds the prestigious CCIM designation which is the highest designation in commercial real estate one can achieve. His goal is to help real estate investors buy and build a steady cash flow through triple net lease properties. 


In this episode, Ken will be explaining how you can be successful in triple net lease and generate steady cash flow.

How to Build Tribe of Investors, with Allan Dib | Bulletproof Cashflow Podcast S02 E51

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Allan Dib is a serial entrepreneur, rebellious marketer, technology expert, and #1 bestselling author. He has started, grown, and successfully exited multiple businesses in various industries. He has personally grown his business from a startup just four years ago and has just been recently identified by Business Review Weekly as one of Australia’s fastest-growing companies. He has been featured in Forbes, Huffington Post, and INC Magazine among many other publications. He is also the author of the best selling book, “The 1-Page Marketing Plan”.


In this episode, Allan will be explaining how to build a tribe of investors and how to do it successfully. 

How to Trust Your Intuition To Build Success, with AdaPia d’Errico | Bulletproof Cashflow Podcast S02 E50

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AdaPia d’Errico is the Vice president of Strategy and Principal of real estate equity firm Alpha Investing. She is also an author, speaker, and entrepreneur with extensive experience across countries, cultures, and both established and start-up environments. She is the author of the upcoming book, “Productive Intuition: Connecting to the Subtle”, to be released in September 2020. Her passion is empowering and encouraging leadership through radical accountability and personal responsibility by developing practices and tools that connect to inner authority and generate authentic connections. 


In this episode, AdaPia will be explaining why trusting your intuition is important and how it helps you build your success. 

How to Build Wealth and Legacy Through Real Estate, with Joe Bell | Bulletproof Cashflow Podcast S02 E49

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Joe Bell is an expert real estate broker and entrepreneur. He was named in the “Top 40 Under 40” in Alaska and has been featured in places such as ABC, NBC, Digital Journal, and Investors Place. He started from the bottom and now he has built his own real estate firm. He and his team help Real Estate Professionals build legacy, retirement, and wealth vehicles for the future and quit the daily grind of chasing listings.


In this episode, Joe will be explaining how to build legacy wealth with real estate. He will be also discussing why focusing on your business, investments and experience affects how you achieve your success and build streams of revenue. 

How to Build Confidence and Achieve More, with Jacqui Letran | Bulletproof Cashflow Podcast S02 E48

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Jacqui Letran is a multi-award-winning author, mindset mentor, and the founder of Healing Life Story. She left her medical clinic business to start a holistic healing practice with the goal of helping others heal from the inside out. She and her team help people through her writings and keynote engagements. Her goal is to teach that success and happiness are achievable regardless of current situations and struggles.

In this episode, Jacqui will be explaining how to build your confidence, how it affects your success, and how it helps you achieve more.