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The goal of Bulletproof Cashflow is to help people achieve true freedom for themselves and their families through real estate. Agostino’s passion is being an entrepreneur and helping others become better entrepreneurs. With a focus on multifamily investing, he has combined his passion for real estate with his personal philosophy of goal setting and manifesting success to change the way people invest in multifamily real estate. Whether you are new to real estate or you are an experienced investor, his unique approach to business, strategies, technology, and tactics will allow you to streamline, innovate, and maximize your business’ full potential.


A Guide to Multifamily Classifications

  When you are looking at properties and the area they are located in, you will hear about different classifications: Class B area or a Class C building. Getting to know these important factors will help in outlining the quality and rating of a property. Today,...

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5 Self-Management Tips for a DIY Landlord

    As a real estate entrepreneur, you have two options when it comes to managing your property. You can either self-manage or you can hire a professional property manager. Here are tips if want to go the DIY route. 1) Screen your tenant prospects. Get an...

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5 Multifamily Strategies to Cope with a Recession

  I’ve been tracking the U.S. economy for some time. Most everyone from economists to multifamily real estate experts agrees that a recession is coming. Billionaire hedge fund investor Ray Dalio agrees that a recession is likely, we just don’t know when. As of...

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Why Are People Overpaying for Multifamily Deals?

  After the 2008 crash, the world of multifamily real estate has exploded mainly due to the low cost of capital by lenders and by individuals flush with cash. Sellers of multifamily understand that all this cash is looking to be put to work and this is driving...

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4 Powerful Tax Advantages of Multifamily Real Estate

  Since we are now officially in tax season, I’m sure many of you are wondering how to protect your wealth from it being taken by the IRS. I have covered some of the tax benefits when it comes to multifamily, but I want to go a little deeper in the benefits and...

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