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Brandon Hall is the Founder & CEO of The Real Estate CPA, a national accounting firm with nearly 400 clients across the United States. Prior to building his real estate accounting firm, he worked at PricewaterhouseCoopers and Ernst & Young for many national brands. Then in 2016, he launched his own seven-figure practice that serves real estate syndicators across the country – with the largest client’s holding over $100 million in real estate holdings. Today, he and his team work with real estate investors, syndicators, and private equity groups to optimize tax positions and streamline business functions. Additionally, he invests in multifamily properties personally and through his own capital group, Naked Capital. 

In this episode, we go into some of the practical tactics syndicators should consider in their CPA when scaling their business.  Additionally, he shares some of the amazing tax benefits and wealth protection strategies real estate has to offer.