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Mark Podolsky is a corporate executive turned real estate business leader, mainly through the buying and selling of raw land. This focus around land deals has allowed him to generate an average annual return of 300% on cash flips and well over 1,000% on deals sold as a note or via seller financing. Prior to building his real estate business, he was an investment banker working with private equity groups and handling mergers and acquisitions – and not enjoying his job. It wasn’t until a co-worker introduced the world of buying and selling land that he realized that was the way to create the personal wealth and steady cash flow he enjoys today. Since starting in 2001, he has closed over 5,000 land deals! Today, he has built, scaled and automated the business that allows him to have time freedom while still taking down property around the United States.

In this episode, we dive into his process of locating assets, his business model and how others can get into the land game. Additionally, he shares how his real estate strategy allows for great automation and how other real estate professionals can scale the same way.