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Rod Khleif started his real estate career in Colorado, buying houses after seeing the success his mother had with a single-family home. As he went to work, getting mentors and putting in a great deal of effort, he was able to build a portfolio of over 800 houses, growing his net worth to $17M at the height of the 2006 economic expansion. He thought he could do no wrong. When the crash of 2008 hit, he lost everything. But it was his ability to visualize his future and his commitment to execution what made him come back stronger than ever, amassing over 2,000 properties today. Rod hosts the “Lifetime Cash Flow Through Real Estate Investing” podcast and is the author of “How to Create Lifetime Cash Flow Through Multifamily Properties.”

In today’s episode, Rod shares how you can manifest your vision to see success. He also describes his rise to the top, losing everything, and recovering from the devastation to build wealth beyond his wildest dreams.

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