As humans, we tend to procrastinate when we don’t see the consequence for our lack of action very clearly.

If we had a time machine that could propel us forward in time to see what our life could be if we made decisions quicker or stuck to that diet and workout routine, I’m think we would be in shock. We would probably make better choices and take more action.

If you are actively reading or listening to books today, I’m certain you see the benefit from not procrastinating on the constant learning. Imagine if you would have started reading about making money 10 years ago – and stuck to the plan – what life would be like today.

How much do you think you would have in your bank account? Do you think you would have saved a lot more money? Would you have been better focused on looking for opportunities?

Unfortunately, there is no flying DeLorean nor is there a way to see parallel universes. If there were, there would be a lot less procrastination.

The good news is that our brains are powerful. It can project into the future. It can allow us to “see” what an outcome can look like if we train, study or work toward specific goal.

Try this: Think of someone that you admire. They are making a lot of money, they have beautiful material things, or they are in good shape.

Now imagine that someone was you.

From there, you need to do the work.

By that, I mean to perform the effort needed to build the skills needed to build the wealth that person has or spend the hours needed in the gym every single day.

You can see that the main difference between those that have and those that have not is the action taken. They did not procrastinate. They did not waive from their goal. They persisted through the pain and the bad days.

Today, I challenge everyone out there to know that great things are possible for you if you commit.

Having spent a lot of time in Corporate America as a C-Level executive, I’ve been fortunate enough to work with many great CEOs. These people have worked with millionaires and billionaires throughout their careers. One CEO I worked with for some time said to me, “Following-through is the only thing that separates dreamers from people that accomplish great things. It’s the primary difference between average earners and the wealthy.”

To paraphrase his point: Use ACTION to destroy your procrastination.

It doesn’t require you to anything difficult.

Start small and simple.

Setting up challenges for yourself daily and getting them knocked out. After you do, scale them into bigger, more life-changing tasks.

There is no formula, pill or document you can buy. Rather, it requires us setting up the tasks and projecting in our minds what the future will look like once it’s complete. Or, look into the future of the negative consequences if you DON’T do that task. There is power in doing that too.

You need to be deliberate about what you are doing. Eliminate the habit of putting off a task. Your mind will make an easy task seem hard if you keep putting off doing it.

By putting things off in favor of what is easy or fun, is wasting time. There are days when you may slowdown, but time will not wait for you.

Time waits for no one.

Visualize your future by documenting your goals. Project in your mind what your life can be. Plan your moves accordingly.

Don’t be afraid to admit you made some mistakes along the way up until now, but don’t dwell on them. In fact, it cannot serve you. Move past those thoughts.

Be optimistic about what you are visualizing. See them in your mind’s eye and make them real. If you rise to the challenge, you will succeed.

And you WILL change your life.