Build Retirement Income While Lowering Taxes, w/ Michael Brown | Bulletproof Cashflow S02 E65

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Michael is Co-founder and Managing Member of Red Fox Capital, an income-producing fund allowing accredited, high-net-worth investors to place capital with other like-minded investors, diversify their risk, grow income, and own larger more lucrative properties than would be possible on their own. His clients experience innovative approaches to building generational wealth and tax strategies through his innovative “Integrated Asset Management Investment” philosophy. He is the author of the bestselling book “The Real Perspective-Investment Secrets Your Financial Advisor Won’t Tell You”. Prior to creating Red Fox, Michael was a Partner with L4, a boutique private equity real estate and development firm with the goal to maximize client wealth through private real estate investment.


In this episode, Michael explains how you can build retirement income while lowering taxes and how you can protect your wealth in good times and in bad. 

How to Manage a Large Real Estate Portfolio, w/ Kristina Knight | Bulletproof Cashflow S02 E64

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Kristina Knight is a former “Wall Street” portfolio manager, managing a $2 billion portfolio. She took this experience and became a full-time real estate investor. To that end, she founded a group that syndicates apartment complexes and has over $61M in assets under management. Today, as the Founder and CFO of Akras Capital, she focuses on deal underwriting and asset management of their portfolio. Additionally, she and her company help people build financial freedom through real estate.


In this episode, Kristina explains how to manage a large real estate portfolio and why the ability to manage a portfolio is important. 

How to Connect with Investors & Become Unforgettable, w/ Mike Koenigs | Bulletproof Cashflow S02 E63

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Mike Koenigs is an entrepreneur, filmmaker, speaker, author, and product creator. He is the bestselling author of “You Everywhere Now” and the Founder of TrafficGeyser and InstantCustomer. He invested over half a million dollars in coaches, advisors, and high-end masterminds to learn how to get instant access to celebrities and high net worth individuals. Mike knows how to get people noticed. He leveraged these skills to work with many global brands like 20th Century Fox, Sony Entertainment, and BMW, as well as notable celebrities including Tony Robbins, Paula Abdul, and Brian Tracy.


In this episode, Mike explains how to connect with investors and become unforgettable. 

Make Your Content Speak to Investors, w/ Kirky Galt | Bulletproof Cashflow S02 E62

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Kirky Galt is a real estate broker, investor, writer, and marketing consultant. He is the CEO of “Creative Real Estate Copy”. As the company’s Creative Director, he and his team use their extensive experience and education in marketing, real estate, strategic planning, and finance to reshape the commercial real estate industry by arming investors with what they need to build success.


In this episode, Kirky explains how your content speaks to investors and the difference of using the right content and merging with a complete digital marketing strategy to help both new and mature companies get in front of their clients.

How to Discover Opportunity in Real Estate, w/ Brian Burke | Bulletproof Cashflow S02 E61

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Brian Burke is a real estate entrepreneur with over half a billion dollars’ worth of real estate over his 30-year career, including over 3,000 multifamily units and more than 700 single-family homes, with the assistance of proprietary software that he wrote himself. He has subdivided land, built homes, and constructed self-storage, but really prefers to reposition existing multifamily properties. Brian is the President & CEO of Praxis Capital, he and his team have over $200 million in assets under management, with a focus on acquiring underperforming residential real estate assets in growth markets that they can transform through renovation and repositioning. He is also the author of “The Hands-Off Investor: An Insider’s Guide to Investing in Passive Real Estate Syndications”.


In this episode, Brian will be explaining how to discover opportunities in real estate and be successful.